About Captain Eddie Perry

Captain Eddie Perry is a 5th generation native Floridian and has been around Lake Okeechobee
most of his life. He has been fishing the lake since he was a child and has been a full-time guide
since 1996. He’s also a member of The Lake Okeechobee Guide Association. He sports a state of
the art 20′ custom built BIG-O bass boat with a 225 Merc on the back. Captain Eddie is also an avid
hunter and offers gator hunting trips as part of his Okeechobee Adventure services.

About The Big –O

Lake Okeechobee is roughly 730 square miles of water and marsh; it is the second largest fresh
water lake in the U.S. It is the headwaters to the Florida everglades, one of the most beautiful bodies
of water in the state. People come from all over the world to fish this great lake for trophy bass. The
lake sports some of the best panfish and crappie fishin’ in the country.

We fish year round on Lake Okeechobee, but there are times that are better for the type of fishin’ you
want to do. Here are the best times for the species of fish we have here on the lake.

Bass —- Year Round
Panfish —- Apr–July
Crappie —- Nov—Apr

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